Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina is an American electronic band from Denver, Colorado, composed of David Schmitt, Tommy Cooperman, and Eric Armenta. The band formed in 2006 and since have released four albums, and two EPs.

Kyle Even, born on September 21, 1985, and David Schmitt, born on March 26, 1988, spent their early years playing in various local Colorado musical groups. After being introduced to alternative rock by an older stepbrother, Even moved towards vocals as a teen. Even performed in the band Rivendale. They produced an extended play called Portrait of Shadows. Schmitt, on the other hand, started on bass at the age of 12 and then branched out to guitar, performing in Colorado with As the Flood Waters Rose (later named the Autobiography).[1]

Both bands played together often. As the Flood Waters Rose opened up for Rivendale at Rivendale’s album release at Grandpa’s Music Box in Thornton. After leaving As the Flood Waters Rose, Schmitt started recording his own song on GarageBand, which he later asked Even to participate in creating. As both bands broke up for the members’ departure for college, Even and Schmitt started Breathe Carolina.


Breathe Carolina is a electropop,[41][42][43][44][45][46][47] EDM[48][49][50][51] [52] and electronic rock band.[53][54][55][56] Post-hardcore influence also exists, evident by the use of screamed vocals and breakdowns. These elements, however, are usually kept to a minimum while electronic elements take precedence. This fusion of post-hardcore characteristics and dance-oriented electronica has led the group to be labeled crunkcore as well.[57][58] Also typical of crunkcore is the prevalent use of Auto-Tune and vocoderson Schmitt’s vocals.[57]

Their entire first EP, Gossip, and debut full-length album, It’s Classy, Not Classic, were recorded using only the computer program GarageBand. The group did not produce music via studio until the recording of Hello Fascination, which can be considered the group’s first true studio album.[59][60]

Although much instrumentation is added through programming, typical instruments are also present in the duo’s music in select songs; Schmitt provides lead singing vocals for the duo along with playing the guitar and drums while Even provides unclean vocals and occasional cleans in their newer material. Live performances by Breathe Carolina usually consist of an arrangement of three extra members providing keyboards, keytars, drums, guitars and bass. During most live sets, Joshua Aragon plays guitar (when necessary) and performs backing vocals while Eric Armenta provides drums on a standard drum kit all while Schmitt and Even perform the clean and unclean vocal positions respectively.

Since the departure of Kyle Even and the addition of guitarist Tommy Cooperman, Breathe Carolina is a four piece band. Live performances consist of the four members and occasional extra musicians like Michael Naran (currently in the Ready Set and Sparks the Rescue). When they perform the song “Sellouts” live, Breathe Carolina is joined by a screaming vocalist, usually the lead vocalist from another band, while Luis Bonet and Tommy Cooperman perform guitar parts. Tommy also performs screaming vocals for other songs, like “Hello Fascination” on tour.


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